Home Care Providers Will Prevent Isolation in Robbinsville, NJ

Learn more about how home care and isolation reduction from Comfort Keepers of Robbinsville, NJ

home-care-robbinsvilleIn addition to providing assistance and support to the senior residents of Robbinsville, NJ, our loving home care providers form strong bonds with their clients. This bond has a positive effect on their mental health and prevents isolation, depression, and anxiety. Isolation is a devastating problem that affects many seniors worldwide. According to some estimates, one-third of US seniors live alone and rarely have someone to keep them company.

Humans are social creatures, meaning we need other people in our lives to thrive, feel good and maintain a strong sense of purpose. This is especially true for seniors, who may be going through various physical, mental, and emotional changes as they grow older. Seniors typically have a lot on their plates, including retirement, possible health problems, the loss of people they love, etc. All of these issues can lead to depression, anxiety, mental illness, and the development of other medical conditions.

As part of our expert home care, Comfort Keepers of Robbinsville, NJ provides companionship services that encourage seniors to remain socially active, take part in pleasant outdoor activities, and have fun throughout their golden years. Our devoted home care professionals will assess your loved one’s condition during an initial in home consultation. A senior care expert will take into account their medical needs, housing situation, personality, personal preferences, and interests, and then create and propose a senior care plan unique to your senior loved one. We will do our best to assign your parent or grandparent a caregiver they will like and want to spend time with.

All of our home care plans are based on our Interactive Caregiving™ philosophy, which encourages seniors to engage in physical and social activity on a regular basis. Rest assured that your loved one will be encouraged to exercise, maintain and active social life, and form a strong bond with their hand-picked caregiver.

Activities seniors enjoy include talking and sharing opinions with their caregiver, reminiscing on their youth, playing games, preparing meals together, and organizing social outings. Our Comfort Keepers caregivers also offer transportation assistance, driving your loved one to and from doctor’s appointments, local events, and other social activities.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can prevent isolation, as well as about our specialized home care services that will help your loved one overcome any challenges that come with their age.

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