Senior Care With Meal Preparation In Princeton, NJ

Comfort Keepers is honored to offer senior care that focuses on meal preparation in Princeton and the surrounding area.

Comfort Keepers senior care understands the balance between a healthy lifestyle and smart dietary choices.  If you are worried about your senior loved one eating processed food and not receiving the nutrition they need, working with a caregiver has a potential to correct this issue.  When working with Comfort Keepers, realize that we consider the entire meal preparation process to be an adventure, from going to the grocery store, to preparing a home cooked meal, and sitting down together with a client to enjoy our creation.

In many cases, seniors who are left alone make poor food choices and don't have anyone to sit down with to enjoy a meal.  This often contributes to a downward spiral that ends up with muscle wasting and malnutrition.  If you are noticing that your senior loved one is losing muscle at an alarming rate and doesn't appear healthy, consider working with a caregiver who is able to make sure they are receiving the nutrition they need.  Since something as simple as eating the proper diet can make a huge difference in mental health, physical health, and overall attitude, make sure your beloved senior is eating properly.

Comfort Keepers senior care will make the entire meal preparation process an enjoyable one that focuses on togetherness.  First, we can take clients shopping to McCaffrey's Grocery Store in Princeton, NJ to pick out delicious ingredients required to cook a nutritious meal.  After selecting choice ingredients, we head back to the house and put on our chef's hat.  At this point, we encourage clients to assist in preparing a meal so they are actively involved in the process.

As soon as dinner is served, a caregiver can sits down with your beloved senior to enjoy our home cooked meal and discuss what is on their mind.  Often times, seniors who are alone during meal time become depressed and disconnected from the world.  When working with a caregiver from Comfort Keepers, family members can rest assured knowing that their senior loved one is receiving the proper nutrition and enjoying a meal with someone who cares about them.

Our team of caregivers also offer a feeding service in order to assist clients who have lost their mobility.  In addition, we are able to stick to certain dietary guidelines that are supported by family members or dietitians in order to customize our meal preparation to each individual client.  We are also able to offer medication reminders during meal time and throughout the day in order to make sure that seniors are taking their medication properly.

If you are looking for more information regarding senior care provided by Comfort Keepers in Princeton, NJ, please contact us.


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