Nutrition Is An Important Aspect Of Elder Care Services In Hamilton Square, NJ

Comfort Keepers senior care emphasizes nutrition in Hamilton Square, NJ and surrounding areas.

Comfort Keepers has always maintained a holistic approach to our elder care services, making sure that the needs of the seniors we cater to are fully met. One of those needs is nutrition. Seniors must eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet in accordance with their health and their doctor’s recommendations. Adopting a healthy diet can improve the symptoms of existing medical problems and prevent the development of other health issues. It can also help your senior loved one feel better, improving their mood and boosting their energy.

We understand that many seniors are hesitant to change their diets, which is why our elder care services are based on Interactive Caregiving™. The philosophy of Interactive Caregiving, a special Comfort Keepers program, is to create meaningful experiences for your senior loved one by engaging their mind and body. Our senior care services enable your senior loved one to actively participate creation of their meal, exercise, and social plans.

This means that your parent or grandparent will prepare meals with their caregiver. Our elder care services are designed to fulfill your loved one’s health and personal requirements, meaning that your senior loved one’s caregiver will take into account their individual health concerns, medications, and food preferences.

Your senior loved one will tell their caregiver which foods and ingredients they want to incorporate into their diet and which they really want to avoid. They will feel included in the meal preparation process, which will additionally encourage them to take care of their own health and dietary needs and bond with their caregiver. Our elder care services will closely work with your loved one’s medical team to determine the types of foods that they should consume on a regular basis, the foods that they should eat in moderation, and the foods they need to eliminate from their diet.

If you would like to know more about our specialized services available in Hamilton Square, NJ, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer all of your questions. 



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