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National Psoriasis Month is a Good Time to Learn the Facts About the Disease

Jul 31, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

August is National Psoriasis Month. As such, it is the perfect time to talk with an elderly parent about the disease. Unfortunately, the unsightly lesions make many psoriasis sufferers feel less attractive and self-conscious. Having the opportunity to express their emotions about the disease with a family member can help them feel better. Use these tips to help you understand the disease, and communicate with your elderly loved ones suffering from it about their feelings and concerns. Read Article

Elder Care Tips: Simple Tricks for Keeping the House Looking Its Best

Jul 24, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

While much of your elder care efforts are focused on keeping your aging loved ones healthy and safe, an important part of being an effective family caregiver is doing what you can to also keep them happy and comfortable. Part of this is making sure their house stays clean, organized, and welcoming. Living in an environment that is attractive and fresh is good for their mental and emotional health, encourages more socialization, and reduces stress. Read Article

Senior Care Tips: Using Context to Evaluate New Challenges with Your Elderly Adults

Jul 17, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

If there is one thing that you can expect when it comes to giving senior care to your elderly loved ones, it is that you cannot really expect what is coming. No matter how prepared you feel when you first start as a family caregiver for your aging parents, things can change rapidly and leave you feeling like you always have a new challenge to overcome with your seniors. Read Article

Elderly Care Recipes: A New Twist on Dinner with White Lasagna

Jul 10, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Reducing the amount of meat your parents eat is a great way to make your elderly care plan healthier and support better physical well-being. This does not mean, however, that you need to only serve up leafy salads or plain pasta dishes on your designated meat-free days. Instead, serve up a meal that is flavorful and unique so your parents will not even notice that there is no meat. Read Article

Elderly Care Tips: Enjoying Dinnertime as a Family

Jul 3, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Dinnertime with your family is one of the most important times of the day. This is your chance to unwind after everything that you had to do throughout the day, connect with your loved ones, have conversations, and enjoy quality time together. Studies have shown that families who make the effort to actually eat dinner together on a regular basis are closer, have fewer arguments and disagreements, and report higher levels of overall happiness and contentment. Read Article

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