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How In-Home Care Services Can Help You Care For Your Pets

Jan 22, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

How In-Home Care Services Can Help You Care For Your Pets


Many seniors have found that keeping a pet during your retirement years is a wonderful want to constantly have someone to keep you company, playing and napping on your schedule and their own. Pets are great for entertaining guest and absolutely love to take care of your table scraps. Well-trained, they can even help a little around the house.


However, as much as your pets can do for you, as people get older it can become more difficult to take care of your pets. All the stooping, bending over, and picking things up off the floor eventually becomes creaky and uncomfortable over time. Fortunately, this is the kind of thing that an in-home care companion can absolutely help you with.


Why Seniors Hire In-Home Care


The vast majority of seniors prefer to age independently in their own homes rather than joining a retirement or assisted living community. You have your community right here, in your neighbors, family, and possibly your church.


However, after you hit retirement age, your muscles and joints will start to slow down and get achy and many seniors find it harder to take care of basic tasks like keeping the house clean or standing for the amount of time it takes to cook a meal. This is why people hire in-home care for themselves, to get a little help around the house and someone pleasant to talk to in the process.


Light House Work and Pet Care


An in-home caregiver is there to keep you company during the day, remind you to take medicine at the right times, and help you to take care of things that have become difficult. Primarily, your caregiver is there to step in where your energy or capabilities have started to fall short. This is why the majority of care agencies offer 'light housekeeping', meaning that your caregiver can help with tidying, sweeping and vacuuming, and cooking, along with other small home tasks that you would do on a daily or weekly basis and they can also help you care for your pet.


While it's important to understand that an in-home caregiver is neither a maid service nor a pet-sitter, they can do a little of both to help you out. Just as your caregiver is probably alright with light work like wiping down the counters in the kitchen every day, they will most likely be happy to help you brush your pet, change out food and water bowls, and possibly even handle a litter box, but ask before assuming on that last one.


Playing With Your Pet


One of the best things your caregiver will be able to do is to join you in playing with your pet. Cats and dogs both enjoy playtime with multiple participants and the help of your caregiver increases the number of games you can play.


With the ability to rescue lost toys, you can play indoor fetch with your pooch more easily or take turns manning the laser pointer to drive your kitty mad with desire to catch little red dot. Your caregiver is likely to enjoy playing with your furry companions just as much as you do.


Where to Draw the Line


The final question when it comes to caregivers and pet assistance is where your service and personal caregiver draws the line on pet care. Some will be totally okay with kitty litter, having cats of their own, while others will take a pass. Some will be more than happy to get a little soggy giving your dog a weekly bath while others would prefer to drive you and Fido to the groomers instead.



Comfort Keepers in-home caregivers can help you! Talk to your caregiver about where they draw the line and build a plan so that everyone is happy, healthy, and well taken care of. For more interesting tips and advice on handling your own in-home care, contact us today at 609-890-2888!


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