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Are You Pursuing Caregiving as a Career? Read on To Learn More!

Dec 26, 2017 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Are You Pursuing Caregiving as a Career? Read on To Learn More!


Having an elderly person at home doubles the responsibility. Almost everyone is busy with their job at present and taking care of their family; very few have the time to cater to the needs of their aged parents. However,  leaving them on their own can be cruel indeed. It definitely helps to have a skilled in-home caregiver to take care of them, when you are not around. In most cases, it works wonders as was the case of Sylvia from Pennsylvania. She was thankful for the professional caregiver that she had employed for her ailing octogenarian mother and could not convey her gratitude in words.


Sadly, not everyone can hope to find the right in-home help, and many choose to give up their careers in order to look after their elderly parents. Taking care of them in their twilight years is certain to give a rare satisfaction, but there is a void to fill after the elderly loved one is no more. If you had given up your job to take care of your parent, you might be forced to look for a job now in addition to dealing with your loss. And finding a job when you have been away from the corporate life for a while could take some time.


There's a better option. If you haven't already you should consider caregiving as a career. You are already experienced at it and will be able to settle into your new role with no trouble at all. If you're not sure if you are cut out for it, here are 5 traits you should look for if you want to pursue a career as a professional caregiver.


  1. Patience – It would definitely help if you have the patience to take care of a senior person day in and day out. Remember, that an elderly individual who has been independent all his life will resent having to be dependent for fulfilling his every need.

    The feeling of frustration is likely to turn into anger and he will be prone to lashing out at the nearest person available i.e. you. So go ahead and take up this career only if you have oodles of patience and confidence to reason with an irate and frustrated senior person.


  2. Reliability – Staying at home and caring for an elderly individual is not going to be all fun and games either. You do have to help the concerned person every step of the way including assisting him with his personal needs. So, do agree to make caregiving as your career only when you are sure of taking it seriously and offering your help at every juncture. You will find your career to be fruitful once your clients find you totally trustworthy and recommend your services to others in the same position.

  3. Attention to Details – The job can seem to be a trifle monotonous at times, but that doesn't mean you could overlook the finer points when you are engaged in taking care of an elderly person. Remembering to serve nutritious food at specified times and attending to the grooming routine every day is no doubt a repetitive task.

    However, you would also have to be careful about reading the tell-tale signs that indicate a steady decline of his/her physical condition and contact a medical professional at the earliest. Having an eye for detail is sure to make you stand out as an exemplary caregiver thus securing your career.


  4. Friendly – You certainly have to be friendly if you hope to succeed as an in-home caregiver for the elderly. No one would like to appoint an individual who aggravates the stressful situation at home by behaving rudely with the senior person who happens to be totally helpless. It is necessary to have an easy going manner therefore that makes you a part of the household. The aged wards often become attached to their caregivers emotionally thus helping themselves in the process by remaining cheerful, contented and looking forward to their favorite activities courtesy the professional caregiver.


  5. Multitasking – Being responsible for a senior person totally is not easy. It is important to be able to clean, cook, and handle numerous tasks at the same time when your ward happens to be a hapless individual and akin to a child. It is also vital not to get bogged down or flustered by multiple responsibilities. Managing to multitask is definitely a trait that will help you to advance in your career.


Comfort Keepers is a great place to take up caregiving as a career. If you believe you have the qualities of a home care professional, and are interested in pursuing a career with us, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call at 609-890-2888.


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