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Home Care Equipment Can Help Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe

Dec 20, 2017 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Home Care Equipment Can Help Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe


Margaret, an elderly lady well into her 70s, took a fall suddenly while trying to move down the stairs at her home in the Bronx. She lived alone! Thankfully, she didn't break any bones, but the pain persisted for days and left behind a nagging fear that refused to go away with time.


Indeed this is prevalent among the aged population of in America and the world in general. The elderly want to live independently, but the fear of falling is enough to necessitate employing a senior care professional for keeping things in check.


Are there no other means of coping with life then? Well, wearing a particular piece of home care equipment at all times might help to evade disasters.


Most of this equipment can facilitate a two-way communication allowing the children of the seniors to remain in touch at all times. The caregiver can also contact emergency services that operate 24/7 thus making technological devices a welcome addition to the life of an aged person.


The age-old adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds true even today. It is vital for the in-home care staff to assess the situation indoors and ensure that the senior person in his / her care remains totally protected.


You are sure to be concerned about your parents’ safety if they happen to stay alone without any kind of support. It will make a lot of difference to arrange for home care medical assistance for your elderly parents so that they can live life comfortably on their own terms.


Do not hesitate to take the doctor into confidence and keep the home care professional informed about the pros and cons related to your parent’s situation. Remember that there is no single solution that is apt for every situation. Your father or mother is likely to have dissimilar issues, who are prone to certain risks that may not be applicable to others in the same age group.


Here are a few handy tips to check if you are serious about helping your elderly father avoid falling.

  • Ask the caregiver to make an appointment with an eye specialist and get his vision examined regularly. Likewise for his hearing! Do not scrimp to provide for a new pair of eyeglasses and/or hearing aids if your father finds it difficult to see or hear properly.

  • It is important to check his foot for signs of corns and calluses along with signs of unhealed injuries. Make him change his shoes and ensure that he keeps his feet protected so that there is no possibility of tripping or stumbling.

  • Talk to a doctor about checking his vitamin D and calcium levels. And make sure to keep the medicine drawer well stocked with vitamin D and calcium supplements that can keep his bones strong and healthy.

  • Advise the in-home caregiver to note his ability to stand up instantly as he attempts to get up from a sitting position. Feeling lightheaded or weak is common enough for a senior person when he wakes up and tries to stand. The dizziness will in most cases pass soon so insist to rest for a few moments after standing up before he attempts to walk.

  • Do ask your parent to wear an alerting device if he is likely to go out for a walk. This is definitely the best way to remain in touch with the caregiver and family members should he fall unexpectedly or forget his way.

  • Do contact a physical therapist so that he gets to learn the ropes of getting up unaided after a fall. Sure, he has a caregiver looking after him but it definitely helps to remain in control during an emergency.


Fall-Proofing the Home

  • Discard the rugs, mats, and carpets that can cause your father to slip or stumble. It might also help to keep the floor clean but do not wax it hard or polish it to perfection. This can lead to mishaps.

  • Check out the interiors and illuminate the home of your parents properly so that he does not have to encounter a dark area thus aggravating the chances of falling.

  • Do not fail to fit the staircase with sturdy rails and add handles to the bathroom to avoid the possibility of falling, while taking a shower.


Comfort Keepers are here to answer any of your home care equipment questions. Are you worried about the safety of your loved ones when you are not around? Leaving them alone might not be practical when you could hire in-home care.Give us a call at 609-890-2888 to explore the various solutions to find what's right for you, and breathe easy.


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